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"Jan 2017 - Everything was exceptional."
B. Boyce

"April 2015 - Hi Rae We have completed our possession of the house on March 31st and have started moving into the house now. We just wanted to thank you for your help through this process and really appreciated your office’s prompt response to everything."

"April 2015 - Rae went above and beyond on this particular mortgage, our 3rd with her. We always get excellent service and rates that are much better than anything advertised or that the banks were willing to negotiate with us. This mortgage was a difficult one, I think through a series of unfortunate coincidences. I was getting nervous about deadlines by the end, but as per usual things worked out."

"June 2015 - This service came highly recommended to me through my realtor. I was provided top notch professional services, from the word go! I have bragged about the service I received and would not hesitate to recommend to any of my friends."
C. Dean

"November 2015 -Working with Rae was very easy, having not worked with getting a mortgage in Canada for years, there were lots of changes and things I had to digest. They made it easier for me. Brenda Orman"
B. Orman

"January 2016 -Calling Rae to help negotiate a quick and equitable mortgage under difficult circumstances was the best thing I could have done. I am so grateful for her sensitive professionalism."
K. Torfason

"May 2016 - This is my 4th mortgage with Rae. Absolutely the best!"
D. Emms

"September 2016 - Rae Steil is a fabulous mortgage broker and I highly recommend her to everyone looking for a new mortgage! Very detailed and communicative. Thanks Rae! You are AMAZING!!! -"
E. Gillard

"October 2014 - For my first time home buying experience, I was very pleased and stress-free with the services I received from Rae Steil. She made the home buying experience all worth it and pleasant. I would recommend her services to everyone looking to buy a home, which I have already done with previous neighbors of mine. Thank you Rae!"
S. Tams

"September 2014 -Rae and her assistant, Joy, were wonderful."
K. Morrison

"September 2014 - As a first time home buyer, I was given great guidance about the requirements I had to fulfill to get approval for my mortgage. Rae had a very helpful step by step email process that explained the steps I needed to take as I progressed."

"July 2014 - Hello I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and professionalism in regards to my recent mortgage. I could not be more satisfied and will recommend your services to my associates. Thank you again!"
A. Ahluwalia

"November 2014 - Rae has been instrumental in the purchases of our last two homes. Her professionalism and knowledge of the mortgage market are second to none and this allowed her to act promptly and capture products that best fit my family's needs. Rae's passion and exceptional value-added services are qualities that we will rely on for years to come."
R. Brocklebank

"May 2014 - I would highly recommend Rae and her team for all your home financing needs. Knowledgeable and responsive. This was my second time working with Rae. I look forward to my third time."
A. Paris

"December 2014 - Excellent service with incomparable professionalism - third time dealing with Rae and will never go elsewhere!"
D. Brulotte

"December 2013 - Rae has helped us many times navigate the mortgage maze and never let us down. She made the process pretty painless and got us a great product to live with."
S. Bernstein

"December 2013 - Rae was amazing to work with. I've worked with Rae 3 times now on my mortgage and no one has ever been able to get me the rates and timelines she has."

"February 2012 - Rae provided excellent service and professionalism and was able to get us the best possible mortgage rate on our new home purchase."
W. Engel

"January 2013 - Rae is a true professional - she answered my questions honestly without industry jargon. She anticipated my needs and was able to gauge my prior knowledge of the industry leading to easy, smooth and effective discussion. I would highly recommend Rae!"
B. Lavender

"Dec 2013 - The service was fantastic! Rae so helpful in answering all of my questions and finding me a great mortgage rate! I will definitely be going back with my future mortgage needs."
A. Pestell

"June 2012 - Everything was handled in a prompt, friendly and professional manner. I was quite impressed."
J. Petersen

"March 2012 - Rae has been wonderful to work with. As a first time buyer, I was recommended to Rae by a trusted advisor and her services were very valuable. I got a fantastic rate for my mortgage and Rae made me comfortable making nerve-wracking decisions. After our transaction was complete, we chose to keep in touch periodically. I have already sang her praises to others and will continue to do so." M. Knive"
M. Knive

"January 2012 - I had a great experience. I feel like I was taken very good care of. I would recommend Rae to anyone who needs a mortgage broker."
M. Scherle

"November 3, 2011 I was recommedned to Rae by a friend of mine who had previously been my mortgage broker. She had moved onto other endeavors, and let me know that Rae would take care of everything I needed. And was she right! I found Rae to be very professional, thorough, and excellent with communications. Rae was able to provide me with answers to questions that I had as well as recommending the correct products and choices for my situation. Aside from being able to provide me with a lower rate than my current lender, Rae was also able to devise a plan for the near future selling of my current home, and purchase of a new one. Rae is the third mortgage broker I've dealt with , and her ability to respond in a timely manner to either phone calles or emails was astounding. I'd gladly recommend her to any friend or relative looking to purchase or renew their mortgage. Paul B. Calgary"
Paul Baena

"October 12, 2011 I appreciate all of the hard work you put in so that I was able to get such a good interest rate. Thank you again. I'm grateful for all of your hard work to help get me settled in my new home which I absolutely love! Kyla Neil, Calgary"
Kyla Neil

"Thank you Rae for all your wonderful help! You made the process of obtaining our first mortgage a delight. We can now afford our dream home."
R. H., Redwood Meadows, Alberta

"We got a great rate, low cost mortgage with Rae Steil. She told us everything we needed up front so there were no surprises later on. Rae was friendly and always kept us informed every step of the way. We had gone somewhere else initially and were quoted a rate 2% higher than what Rae Steil offed us. We were very pleased with the whole process, she was very knowledgeable and extremely efficient"
A. F., Calgary, Alberta

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