Rae Steil, B.Ed., AMP

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Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

I'll show you how my experience will save you money on your next mortgage.

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Do you know why using a Mortgage Broker 
is in your best interest?

Pull your debt together

Use your homes equity to pay off your debts and lower your monthly payments.

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Pull Your Debt Together

Refinancing of Your Home

Pay off your long list of bills with your homes equity. We can show you how.

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Easy and Simple Refinancing of your Home

Learn What You Can Afford

Try our mortgage calculators and learn what you can afford for your next mortgage.

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Try Our Mortgage Calculators

Welcome to loangoddess.ca

We believe that every customer deserves the best care and service when purchasing or refinancing the home of their dreams. We're here to serve your mortgage needs and have what it takes to make a difference in your next mortgage transaction. We offer a wide range of mortgage products and services to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your exact needs.


  • New Home Buyers

    New Home Buyers

    Begin talking with a mortgage planner - to understand how much mortgage you can manage, and to explore new innovative mortgage options.
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  • Mortgage Renewals or Switches

    Mortgage Renewals

    It's most likely that your current lender will offer you a rate that is not the best one on the market. We'll show you how to obtain the best rate possible.
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  • Debt Consolidation

    Debt Consolidation

    Is your debt weighing you down? Use the equity you already have in your home to lower interest payments on bad debts and reduce payees.
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  • Apply Online Now

    Apply Now

    Apply for a mortgage quickly and easily online. Rest assured your data is safe with us.
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  • What Can You Afford

    We offer you a wide range of fast and easy to use mortgage calculators to help you determine what you can afford. From renting vs owning to affordability, we can help.
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  • Reverse Mortgages

    Are you 55 years of age or older? Do you own your own home? Are you short on monthly income or need to pay off debt? Want to enjoy your retirement? Equity release with REVERSE MORTGAGE may be your answer. The 60 plus age group is the fastest growing demographic in Canada and this age group is the least served. Many Canadians in this age group are ‘cash poor but house equity rich’. For this group, the Reverse Mortgage is a great fit.
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Rae Steil, B.Ed., AMP

Rae Steil, B.Ed., AMP

Mortgage Planner

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